Food & Nutrition Services

  Spring is here

This school year has been a busy year with a few different projects in the Nutrition Service Department. Below I highlighted some of the exciting things that have been happening.

New recipes and Smart Snacks

Each month both kitchens have been testing new from scratch recipes.  Scratch recipes give us the opportunity to control what foods we are using and the process.  This allows us to increase our portion sizes while staying within the federal regulations.  At the Glyndon site Smart Snacks are back so students or staff can purchase snacks or drinks during kitchen hours. 

Farm to Tray 

We have wonderful community partnerships with a variety of farmers that provide honey, potatoes, beef, pork, fresh vegetables, flax seed, organic wheat, microgreens, and much more.  Our newest partnership is with Evergreen Bakery in the Amish community in Frazee, MN.  They have a certified kitchen that is doing our scratch baking. They have no electricity so all the baking is done in a wood burning oven. It's been a learning process for us to partner together but we are excited to grow together even more next school year. 


 Do you know we have  over 500 different food items that are coming to the kitchen inventory?  We have entered them all into a database so now our menus have moved to online. This new platform allows for everyone to view what is being served that day with all the nutritional information and allergens.  I put a Quick Step Guide on the left-hand side below the menu link.  It even has an App you can download. No account need to view menus.   

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comment please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 218-477-6852 or

Shannon Nowak

DGF Director of Nutrition Service

Dilworth Site:

Nutrition Service Administrative Assistant 

Karen Gibson