Technology Services

The Information Technology (I.T.) Department at Dilworth Glyndon Felton schools administers the district's telecommunications and network computer systems.  The primary focus is to enhance the learning process for students and continuously improve efficiencies for the district and its personnel.  This is done by utilizing the right tools and providing exposure for staff and students with 21st century learning (communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration).

The district's infrastructure provides Internet access in every classroom.  Students in grades 2-12 will have their own assigned device.  The I.T. Department is responsible for purchasing hardware and software to meet the district's goals and needs.  This is done in conjunction with the appropriate committee recommendations and available resources. 

The I.T. department provides training opportunities on the district's standardized solutions.  This ensures that "best practices" are utilized across the district.

School Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30-4:00 

John Jacobson

Director of Technology

Brant Mickelson

IT Support

Mark Jorgenson

IT Support

Ryan Berget

Technology Integration Specialist