Committee Overview

The DGF Facilities Task Force was created to provide community input and ultimately a recommendation to the DGF School Board on potential facility expansion options to meet the academic programming needs for our present and future DGF student enrollment. In addition to the community members for the task force, student and staff representatives were chosen in consultation with site administration and high school staff leadership.

In the summer of 2016, a committee was created to review community candidates for the task force. The selection committee was comprised of three members of the school board. Each member presently serves in the board approved role of liaison for the three communities of our school district. The following were the selection committee members:

    • Jeremy Bladow: Dilworth
    • Bobbi Jo Rehder: Felton
    • Rich Hanson: Glyndon

The criteria and parameters utilized by the selection committee for task force membership included:

    • Select a membership capacity between 25-30:
    • Select 3 students to include representatives from each community;
    • Select 4 staff members to include a representative from each site (2 elementary sites; 1 middle school, 1 high school);
    • School Board selection committee members would provide their selections based on the community they represented as community liaisons:
        1. Jeremy Bladow-Select 8 community members to represent Dilworth;
        2. Rich Hanson-Select 8 community members to represent Glyndon;
        3. Bobbi Jo Rehder-Select 4 community members to represent Felton;
    • Provide gender equity in the overall membership selection;
    • Provide a balanced membership to include parents, business/agriculture and seniors/empty nesters.
    • Provide a broad membership by limiting membership to one person in a family including husband/wife and/or siblings.
    • City representatives will serve as Ex officio members of the task force to provide information as requested by the task force.

DGF Facilities Task Force Committee Participants