Math Tips for Parents

1. Practice counting - Not only can you practice counting by ones, you can practice skip counting (by twos, threes, fives, tens etc.)

2. Make it real - Use real world items to represent amounts (coins, pasta, buttons, etc.)

3. Practice reading, writing and ordering numbers - Find numbers in print (magazine, books, online) read them aloud, compare them, write them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.

4. Money - For younger children, practice identifying and counting money. As they get older, let your child pay for items or count out change. Play games that require the use of play money, have older children be the banker.

5. Practice basic math facts - Knowing basic facts allows children to focus more on problem solving than computation.

6. Sort and classify objects - Look for patterns. Understanding and identifying patterns helps with problems solving.

7. Cook or bake together - Cooking and baking requires the measurement of ingredients, temperature and time.

8. Play Games - Games are full of problem solving. They require the use of logic, strategy, probability and chance.

9. Identify geometric shapes - Find shapes in your environment. Try to recreate the shapes using paper or other household items.

10. Technology and math - Use technology for academic purposes. There are many apps available that focus on math.