Weather Cancellation


Cancellation Policy for Winter Weather

*If DGF Schools are closed for the day, any ECFE, School Readiness or ToTT’s class is also cancelled.

*If DGF Schools start one hour late, ECFE, School Readiness, and ToTT’s classes will begin at 9:30am also.

*If DGF Schools start two hours late, morning ECFE, School Readiness, & ToTT’s classes will be cancelled. Afternoon and evening classes will meet as usual.

*When severe weather develops during the school day and DGF Schools close, ECFE, School Readiness, & ToTT’s classes will be cancelled for the rest of the day and evening. (School Readiness and ToTT’s children will need to be picked up during the day at the time the school is closing or earlier if you would like.)

*If DGF Schools do not close, but it is determined that families should not be out with small children, we will cancel a class and call you. It is possible the weather may improve after we have cancelled a class, however, decisions do have to be made several hours before the class would begin.

*Please listen to local radio and TV stations for school announcements!