School Readiness (4's)

School Readiness is a five-day-a-week fee-based program that is available to children who turn 4 by September 1, 2024.

Classes:  Monday-Friday; 8:15 am - 3:05 pm

Goals and Objectives to provide: 

What you need to know:


Preschool Benefits: Enrolling a child in preschool offers numerous benefits to parents, providing them with peace

of mind and support in their child's early development:

Overall, the benefits of preschool extend beyond the child's experience, positively impacting parents by providing valuable support and opportunities for their child's growth and development.

How do I submit a request for my child to enroll in School Readiness?

Who do I contact if I have any questions?  Feel free to contact Tracy Tollefson at 218-477-6805 or email Community Education at