This page is dedicated to show leading questions that were brought up during staff and community gatherings. The questionnaire below allows the district to collect additional feedback and concerns. The district will continue to collect and review facility feedback. Responses will be listed in the bottom section of this page.

Question: What is the total cost of this bond project? Answer: Total estimated project cost is $40,525,000.00 Voter approved costs are $31,435,000.00. Board approved costs are $9,090,000.00. Costs are split between multiple sources to maximize State Aid.

Question: Has the land swap between DGF and Moorhead school districts been completed? It appears Summerwood transfer was completed in 2017. Have these additional transfers been completed (Orchid-12th St. NE to 4th Ave. NE-14th St. NE / 4th Ave. NE-7th St. NE to 3rd Ave. NE-12th St. NE / 4th Ave. NE-12th St. NE to 14th St. NE / 3rd Ave. NE-7th St. NE to Hwy 10-12th St. NE), and if not when do they expect this to happen? Answer: Land transfer has not been completed. Remaining parcels will be transferred in the established order to the DGF School District when the increase in Net Tax Capacity (NTC) of Moorhead Area Public School District acquired property is within $10,000 NTC of the next parcel division in the following established order: 1st: Orchid-12th St. NE to 4th Ave. NE-14th St. NE 2nd: 4th Ave. NE-7th St. NE to 3rd Ave. NE-12th St. NE 3rd: 4th Ave. NE-12th St. NE to 14th St. NE 4th: 3rd Ave. NE-7th St. NE to Hwy 10-12th St. NE. The plan will sunset when all properties have been transferred for financial impact. Current land transfer map can be found by clicking here.

Question: Are there any property tax refund programs or homestead credits? Answer: Yes. Minnesota has two property tax refund programs for homeowners. Click here for details.

Question: How many years will it take for the community to pay off this bond? Answer: Approximately 22 years is the schedule to pay off the voter-approved debt. If historical low interest rates are still available, this debt obligation may be paid off within 20 years.

Question: In November of 2016, the cost of this bond was placed at an estimated $23 million. What happened between then and the more recent, much larger amount? Answer: The $23 million recommendation was developed by the Task Force after the failed 2015 referendum. After collecting feedback from community members and staff, additions and enhancements were added to the 2016 plan. Additional gym space, improved safety/security measures and general increase of materials and labor are a few factors to the increased dollar amount.

Question: Why were the walking tracks removed from the plan? Answer: Cost and utilization were the driving force. Prioritizing needs from community feedback and remaining close to recommend budget, it was decided to remove this feature. There are plans to allow for community walking opportunities, unfortunately, it will not be on a dedicated walking track.

Question: How was it decided to move forward with option B versus the original plan (option A)? Answer: Ultimately, the school board will have the final vote. However, this recommendation is driven by community feedback, multiple meetings and multiple polling's. Polling summaries include, 100% support from the taskforce, 76.4% from online district-wide survey, 93% district employee support and 100 to 2 "dots" on display boards at school events, all in favor of option B.

Question: Why aren't more classrooms being added? Answer: Additional square footage is being added to both locations. Additional classroom space will become available at both sites by re-purposing existing spaces that were underutilized.

Question: Can we build a new high school? Answer: Feedback from the Facilities Task Force, while utilizing our existing facilities in conjunction with future enrollment projections appears to be the most cost-effective solution for the next 15 years.

Question: Will the Dilworth multi-purpose room still be able to be utilized as a gym outside of school hours? Answer: Primary purpose of this space will be to feed Dilworth students and provide storage. To avoid daily tasks with modifying the space, this area will only be utilized as a gym during special circumstances.

Question: Will all buildings be air-conditioned for the best learning environment? Answer: This project will provide infrastructure updates to improve indoor air quality and provide existing teaching spaces with improved temperature control and dehumidification to support a quality learning environment. All new spaces within the building additions will have dehumidification and temperature control.

Question: Will there be adequate green space in addition to hard surfaces for recess and outdoor phy-ed? Answer: Yes. Green space was moved to the south of the facility, the square footage is comparable, if not larger than before.

Question: Why aren't we doing anything with our athletic facilities at the Glyndon site? Answer: After receiving community feedback, Option B does provide additional gym space at the Glyndon site.

Question: Is it possible to put a new high school west of 336? Answer: It's possible, but cost prohibitive due to land acquisition and necessary infrastructure costs associated with a large facility.

Question: How long until we outgrow this "new" space? Answer: Option B provides enough classrooms to support sections as large as 150 students. Currently, our elementary average is 131 students a grade level with less than 100 of those students being "in district" residents. With current open enrollment policies in place, this will provide classroom space capacity for natural "in district" residential growth of an additional 50 students/grade. We estimate Option B will provide adequate student space for the next 15 years.

Question: When would construction begin and how would it proceed until completed? Answer: Light construction would start spring of 2020 and run through fall of 2021. Heavy construction would happen during the summer times.

Question: Why are we not renovating/adding to our HS gym? Answer: After receiving community feedback, Option B does provide additional gym space at the Glyndon site.

Question: Where will the shop room be? Answer: Shop classes, along with additional CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses will be offered to students as part of the regional CTE center in Clay County.

Question: Is the wrestling room going to expand? Answer: Current plans are conceptual, but options are being explored. Any facility enhancements will need to be within the proposed budget and compared with other facility requests.

Question: Will there be a walking gym in Glyndon? Answer: No. Both walking tracks were removed from the original plans. This was driven by community feedback seeking more gym space, but still be within budget.

Question: Do we need larger gyms? Answer: After receiving community feedback additional gym space was added to the plans.