Feedback was collected from focus groups, staff, students, and community members. Data was collected from meetings, surveys, and open dialogue sessions during parent conference times and school related activities. Below are the key findings from these sessions:

Safety and Security - Provide continued safety and security for students, staff, and community. Examples could include secure building access with key personnel at entrance locations, improved process for student drop off and pickup, secure playgrounds, and security camera upgrades.

Education Delivery and Functionality - Provide functional space, to continue and enhance 21st Century Learning to prepare the students for life readiness. Examples could include additional classrooms that provide additional learning tools, re-purposing existing space to increase efficiency, additional gymnasiums, and open learning spaces that embrace collaboration.

Enrollment Capacity - Provide space and flexibility for natural enrollment growth, due to increased households in the District. Examples could include additional square footage of facilities, re-purposing existing spaces that provides adequate growth options for increased households within the district for the next 10 years.