Historical Bond Timelines

Summer of 2016 - Creation of Facilities Task Force

Winter of 2017 - Survey study to gauge community interest and support

Winter of 2018 - Board approves JLG architects with Comstock Engineering as bond partners

Spring of 2018 - Focus group is established to work on bond specifics with architects and engineers

Winter of 2019 - Conceptual plans are shared with staff and community for feedback and adjustments

March 4th - 8th - Survey sent out to public

March 11th - Board approves option A or option B

March 14th - Site visits

May 6th & 7th - Public input meetings at spring concerts

May 11th - Public input meetings at prom

May 20th - MN Legislative Session Ends (Updated status of 7th Street and Regional CTE Dr.)

June 27th - School Board retreat to incorporate legislative updates into facility plan/scope; review project budget and tax impacts

July 15th - School Board meeting to discuss scope/costs and review survey feedback

July 29th - School Board meeting for action of project and potential ballot question