Laptop Insurance

DGF Schools is offering accidental insurance coverage for interested parties. This coverage is optional for families and guardians of enrolled DGF students in grades 3-12. Bullet points below explain how the coverage works.

  • Covers the cost associated with accidental damage. This includes parts and labor associated with repair and device replacement if need be. Damage from drops like cracks, dings, housing damage and shattered screens.
  • It does not cover loss, theft or intentional destruction of the device.
  • $35 annual charge, with a $35 deductible for each claim.
  • For families with more than three kids, annual coverage is provided at no cost after purchasing coverage for the first three.
  • Claims must be filed within 7 days of the incident.
  • Payment can be made online within Synergy or in person at your local school office.
  • Enrollment deadline is Oct 1, 2019. Families enrolling during the school year, have two weeks from enrollment to sign up for coverage.

For additional information, please contact your local school office. You can also reference our FAQ’s listed below.

What happens if I do not purchase the insurance, but the laptop becomes damaged?

You will be billed for the damaged part(s) on your student’s laptop. Costs could include replacement parts, possibly the entire device. Cracked/broken screens can be a common occurrence. Pricing is determined by specific models and availability.

What is not covered by the insurance plan?

The insurance plan does not cover loss, theft or intentional destruction of the laptop.

Do I need insurance to take my device home?

No. This insurance covers the cost associated with accidental damage. It doesn’t matter where the device is located.