Eligibility Guidelines

The following will be used as guidelines for developing and reviewing bus routes in accordance with school district policies 707, 708, 709, and 711.

1. It is recommended that the maximum walking distances to bus stops is three blocks (.25 miles). (These are recommended distances to bus stops and may not be possible in all areas.)

2. Transportation will not be provided to students that live within a three block (.25 mile) distance from the schools in Dilworth and Glyndon.

3. Transportation will be provided to students who must cross or use an area identified as being an extraordinary traffic hazard to and from school.

A. All students will be transported to and from school that reside south of Highway #10 in Dilworth.

B. All students will be transported to and from school that reside north of the railroad tracks in Glyndon.

4. Student Pickup - Drop-off Locations

A. All rural students will have their home address as their designated stop location. Exceptions may be made based on safety issues, routing, distance etc.

B. All Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton city students will have the stop closest to their home address as their designated stop address. Exceptions may be made based on safety issues, etc.

C. Students are allowed to have two stop locations, one primary (home address) and a secondary (day care, emergency, relatives, for activities, etc.).

D. To initiate a secondary stop location both parents of the home address and of the secondary stop address must provide written permission to the appropriate office.

E. Secondary stop locations must be located on an existing DGF route.

F. Each office will then provide authorization to the appropriate bus driver containing the relevant information.

5. Bus drivers will only accept passengers assigned to the route. Students who will be attending parties, staying with friends, relatives, have emergencies, etc. will only be accepted with authorization from the Transportation Services. Temporary authorization may be granted only if space is available on the school bus.

7. Additional stops may be established for handicapped students as determined according to their individual educational plan.

8. Bus drivers will wait approximately 30 seconds at each bus stop if they are running on schedule.

9. All students will load and unload buses on the west side of the Dilworth School along First Street North West.

10. Transportation requests for open enrolled students will be individually reviewed.