Bus Rules

Bus rules are designed for the safety and respect of all students. Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. Violations of bus conduct rules and/or behavior to accept direction from a bus driver may result in suspension of bus riding privileges.

1. Obey the driver.

2. Stay in your seat, facing forward with legs and arms out of the aisle.

3. Talk quietly and use appropriate language.

4. Keep your hands, head, and feet in the bus.

5. No fighting, bullying, intimidation or horseplay.

6. Do not throw any object.

7. No use of tobacco or drugs.

8. All weapons or dangerous objects prohibited on the school bus.

9. Do not damage or vandalize the school bus. Parent/guardian will be liable to pay for damage done by their child to the school bus. Criminal charges may be pursued.

10. No eating or drinking on the bus.

11. Bus riders must wear or carry weather appropriate clothing. Bus service maybe denied to students who are not dressed for weather conditions.

12. Smile, you’re on camera. Video surveillance is on every school bus contracted by the school district.