Accidental Coverage Insurance

School issued devices are school property. Just like any other piece of school property, students and their guardians are responsible for the device issued to them. For parents interested in accidental coverage, the district provides accidental insurance. For additional information (pricing and plans) please contact your child(s) school office. This type of coverage (and expense) is optional for DGF families. Some may have coverage within their existing home owner's insurance, please check with your agent/company to obtain the specifics.

Internet Options Outside of School Hours

While on campus, students will have Internet access before, during and after school. For qualifying families with limited or no Internet access at home, the school has partnered with our local ISP's to provide Internet at a significantly reduced price. Please refer to the links/phone numbers below or contact your child(s) school office for additional information.

For Dilworth residents, Midcontinent participates in the broadband lifeline program.

For Glyndon and Felton residents, Arvig participates in the broadband lifeline program, please call 1.888.992.7844.

Utilizing school resources on campus or off campus, the district adheres to federal CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) and COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) requirements. Please refer to Policy 524 for additional information.