Architectural Plans

Project Highlights

Safety and Security

    • Secure main entries by relocating administrative staff and school resource officer at entrance
    • Off-street drop off/pick up and visitor parking
    • Upgrade of security systems (cameras, door panels, and detection sensors)
    • Age appropriate interaction at each school site

Equity & Alignment

    • Realignment of grade configuration
      • Dilworth: PreK-4th
      • Glyndon: 5-8 Middle School; 9-12 High School
    • Equitable student/teacher ratios by grade
    • Consistent opportunities for all students
    • Maximize existing facilities to reduce the need for additional construction to accommodate for residential enrollment growth
    • Maximized support services to student needs
      • Interventionists assigned to Dilworth site
      • Career and college readiness programming assigned to Glyndon site
    • Glyndon : Expand cafeteria space and serving lines
    • Dilworth: Expand cafeteria serving lines
    • Dilworth: Addition of two station gym, dedicated art space
    • Glyndon: Addition of competition gym, science labs, performing arts suite

21st Century Learning Environments

    • Provide collaborative and flexible learning spaces that meet the needs of all students
    • Update media/learning centers at both sites