Teen CERT is a cooperative effort between the Clay County Sheriffs Office, the Moorhead Fire Department, and the School Districts who allow Teen CERT to be part of their curriculum and/or Community Education.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is a national program of volunteers trained in disaster preparedness and emergency response. Volunteers come from all ages and all walks of life, including teenagers like you! Teen CERT training teaches you about the potential disasters that could affect your area and how to safely and responsibly respond to them. Through Teen CERT you can serve your community and help take care of your school and home.

Why Join? 
Would you know what to do if an emergency struck your community? Your school? After a disaster, professional responders will be needed everywhere. In the chaotic aftermath of an emergency, who could help until professional responders arrive? Who could be the first person on-scene to step up? The answer: You. When you see a classmate’s or a teacher’s look of fear, you can be the support they need. You can direct friends to safety. You can help those who are hurt. You can be a leader in your school. In most emergencies, the victim or a bystander provides the first immediate assistance. Joining Teen CERT teaches you how to respond when others look to you for help.