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EXCITING NEWS in Sixth Grade!

posted May 9, 2017, 8:30 AM by Heidi Critchley

Our 6th graders participated in the national eCybermission competition this year. Students were asked to identify a problem in their community and followed the Engineering Design Process to find a solution. Judging concluded last week and we are excited to announce that we had 3 teams take the top honors in our whole state. (See below.) Congrats to these teams and to all of our teams. Students worked very hard and had amazing ideas! We are very proud of them all. 

First place in MN:
Team members: Emily Hanson, Azahna Luschen, Joeseph VanBavel
ProjectThe Founce Chair, a chair that helps kids focus by letting them bounce a little bit in their chair while not distracting the rest of the kids in their classroom
Prize$1,000 U.S. Series EE Savings Bonds at maturity per student

Second place in MN:
Team members: Connor Campbell, Owen Hoover, Khristian Milz, Jordan Summers
Project: A 3D printed picture frame that adjusts to various sizes/shapes of photos
Prize$500 U.S. Series EE Savings Bonds at maturity per student 

Honorary Mention in MN: 
Team members: Ashton Carter, William Gustafson, Hunter Jenson, Alexander Yarbrough
Project: A plan to make intersections safer, cheaper, more efficient, and easier to navigate for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists at or near intersections
Prize: Award certificate

Here is a link to all of the winners:

Way to go 6th graders!