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6th Grade Bridge Competition

posted Feb 8, 2016, 11:36 AM by Heidi Critchley

The 6th graders at DGF Middle School have the opportunity to compete in a bridge competition at MSUM on the evening of Monday, February 22nd. They are currently working on creating bridges out of toothpicks in Mr. Will’s science class. Students are required to build a structure using only wood and glue that spans more than 56 centimeters and stands no more than 30 cm tall. During the competition, the bridge will be loaded with weights, when the bridge breaks, they divide the load it held by the weight of the bridge to determine its strength. The strongest bridges win CASH prizes! Good luck to our 6th graders at the competition! Please contact Mr. Will at or 218-477-6803 for more information.

Here are students putting their bridges together. Mr. Will requires them to research, brainstorm, create a blueprint, and then finally start to construct their bridge.