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Branding Your Business

posted May 19, 2017, 12:04 PM by Shannon Powell

Amanda Olson and the Dilworth Farmers Market wanted to give the market identity. That’s what the logo does for your business. The Logo is a symbol of the business and what it wants to express to it’s customers. Amanda contacted the DGF school looking for Graphic artists to design their logo.

Ms. Fenske’s graphic design students  were hired to design that logo. A couple times they each submitted their individual designs to the client, Amanda.  She returned suggestions to each student and in the end selected their favorite.

Congratulations to Morgan Hines,  11th grade, Graphic Design artist, DGF high school. Her Logo was selected! As you pass through Dilworth keep looking for the market sign, and remember that there some very artistic DGF high school students creating and working toward careers in the Arts!