2013 Dilworth Glyndon Felton Referendum Information

On November 5th, DGF Schools will be seeking voter support for two ballot questions.  The first ballot question is to renew the existing levy.  These funds help provide the following:

  • Maintain the overall student/teacher ratios for K-5 at 20:1.

  • Maintain present facilities and programming.

  • Provide a source of stable and predictable revenue to avoid program reductions.

  • Maintain present technology infrastructure.  

The second ballot question is geared for technology and student services.  These funds will help provide the following:


  • Maximize present facilities by converting computer labs to classrooms to meet student enrollment needs.

  • Prepare students for college/work readiness by increasing access to technology and providing students in grades 6-12 with a technical device.

  • Increase technology staff to meet infrastructure and classroom instructional/learning needs.

  • Expand student support services by providing programs to meet social, emotional, and academic/career needs.

With the passage of both ballot questions, residents will see the following when comparing their current school district taxes.


  • DGF homeowners will see an approximate $6.00 annual tax increase.

  • Agricultural taxes will decrease.

  • Commercial/Industrial taxes will decrease.

Please reference the links on the left hand side for specific information such as meeting locations, voting process and tax information.  

For additional information please contact Superintendent Bryan Thygeson at 218.287.2371 or 218.201.0382 or bthygeson@dgf.k12.mn.us.