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Math Games

Math Web Sites

Numeral Identification 

Working toward Level 1

Working toward Level 2 

Feather Match (1-5)

Spooky Sequences

Washing Line


Number Track

Post a Letter

Whack a Mole (can choose start number of 10)

Pirate Numbers

Counting Game

Forward Number Word Sequences

Working towards Level 3 

Working toward Level 4

Missing Numbers 1-12

Lily Pad Jumps

Backward Number Word Sequences

Working toward Level 4
Number Word After/
Number Word Before (1-30)

Working toward Level 4
Backward Number Word Sequence/
Number Word Before (30-1)

Spooky Sequences

Counting Cars

Spooky Sequences

Fill in the Sequence

Addition and Subtraction

Working toward Level 1
One to One Correspondence

Working toward Level 3 
Counting On

Balloon Pop

Count Your Chickens

Okta's Rescue

Move the Sheep

Kids on the Bus

How Many?

Number Sentences

Ghost Blasters (two players)

Alien Addition

Number Lines Addition

Mighty Math Train Pick Up

Mummy Number Lines
choose adding level 1, 2 or 3

Add It Up

Working toward Level 3
Removed Items/Count Down From

Working toward Level 3
Missing Addend

How Many Under the Shell?


How many went away?

Minus Mission

Two Less Than

Mummy Number Lines
choose taking away level 1, 2 or 3

Gorilla Shopping

Busy Bees

Math Madness

Cross the Swamp

Missing Numbers

Number Pyramid Escape

Funky Mummy

Working toward Level 4
Efficient Subtraction

Working toward Level 5
Facile Number Sequence

Subtraction Action 
you will need to scroll down the page
to find "Subtraction Action"

Speed Grid Challenge

Structuring Numbers

Working toward Level 2
(5+ and doubles to 10)

Working toward Level 3
(all combinations 1-10)

Save the Whale

Speedy Pictures

5 and a Bit

Domino Sort Doubles

Math Lines
choose add to 6,7,8, or 9 

(enter 6,7,8,9 or 10)
(choose level 1)
(making 10 only)

Working to a Level 4
(10+ and doubles to 20)

Working toward Level 5
(all combinations 1-20)

Dartboard Game


Fruit Shoot
(choose level 2)

Butterfly Wings

Number Pairs
(scroll down to Number Pairs)

Place Value


Working toward Construct 1
Tens or Ones

Construct 3
Tens and Ones

Base Ten

Add 10 Sub Challenge

4 Turns to 100

Mummy Number Lines
choose add 9,10,11 or take 9,10,11

Part Part Whole  

 Multiplication and Division


Working toward Construct 2
Perceptual Counting

Constructs 3 and 4
Composite Grouping

Space Arrays

Monster Crossing

Ghost Blasters 
(choose 2-9 for unfriendly ghosts)

The Knight and the Princess

Meteor Multiplication

Camel Times

Math Pup Puzzle

Product Game

Table Trees 
choose factor yourself

Construct 5


Multiplication Station 
you will need to scroll down the page
to find "Multiplication Station"

Remainders Count

Sum Sense