Super STEM Evening


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March 28: Turn Science Into Art
Science and art are not so different! Learn how to turn markers into watercolors, write with invisible ink, and make your very own lava lamp!
April 4: Soda Fountain
Why does a bottle of diet cola create a fountain when you drop in Mentos. Test different sodas to create the best fountain, then see if you can create the highest, coolest fountain possible!
April 11: Exploring Texture
Why do different surfaces feel or look different? Can we analyze a surface and predict how it will feel? In this activity we’ll look at and analyze patterns on the surface of everyday objects and learn why they feel the way they do.
April 18: Elephant Toothpaste
What happens when you drop yeast into hydrogen peroxide? Make your elephant toothpaste, then engineer the perfect toothpaste tube!

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