Seeing in Color

What is a “primary” color? How can we mix them to make “secondary” colors? Why do we see color in the first place? Get your kids interested in science and exercise their creativity while playing and having artistic fun! In this one-night workshop we’ll explore how light can be broken into different colors, mix colors using food coloring, then we’ll learn how to mix colors without them ever touching!

One Night Workshop! 

When:   March 21st     (CLASS IS FULL)
Who:     K-2nd Grade
Time:    6:30—8 p.m.
Where:  DGF High School Room 248
Fee:      $15

Registration Deadline: Registration deadline is March 4th for March 7th event or March 18th for March 21st event.

Seeing in Color Registration Form - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED
Seeing in Color Flyer