Casselton - CYBA

Tournament Information - Brackets here as well

Important Information Related to Tournament:
1.  Locations-CC-1, CC-2, and CC-3 are at Central Cass, 802 5th St. North, Casselton, ND  58012.  MAP-4 is at Mapleton School, 506 1st St., Mapleton, ND 58059.  RUS-5 and RUS-6 are at Rustad Center, 601 26th Avenue East, West Fargo, ND  58078.  Central Cass is under significant construction.  We have attached a building layout map that shows where the courts are located, as well as parking and available entrances.  The main parking lot is on the east side of the building.

2.  Concessions-We will have concessions at Central Cass and Rustad Center.  We are hoping to have concessions at Mapleton as well but won't know for sure until tomorrow.  We will update you once we know for sure.  Additionally, Mapleton's gym is brand new and they do not allow any concessions inside of the gym.

3.  Admission Fee-We will charge the tournament admission, $5 for adults only, at Central Cass.  98% of teams will play at least one game at Central Cass so almost everyone will pay the admission fee at some point, either first game, second game or third game.  Please make sure parents and other fans understand so that there isn't frustration if they come to Central Cass for their 2nd or 3rd game and wonder why they are paying an admission fee.

4.  Basketballs-No outside basketballs are allowed at any site.  CYBA will provide basketballs for games and warmups.  Please remind your players not to bring basketballs inside of the facilities.  We followed this same process last year and many teams appreciated the lack of bouncing basketballs in the common areas.

5.  Stay Off Courts-Please remind your players to stay off of the courts during other games.  We don't want the other teams distracted during timeouts or halftime.  CYBA tournament staff and refs will enforce this policy but we ask that coaches help police their players as well.

6.  Rustad Track-No viewing of games is allowed from the raised track.  This is a park and recreation facility and West Fargo Parks doesn't want to disrupt walkers and runners on the track.  There is ample bleacher space and seating available around the courts.

7.  Rules-Disregard any previous versions of the rules.  We have made slight adjustments to the previously distributed rules.  We have attached the current 2018 CYBA Tournament Rules to this email.

8.  Master Schedule-We have attached the entire tournament Master Schedule to this email in case you have other teams that you want to watch and would like to coordinate attending.  This Master Schedule with additional CYBATourney Staff contact information will be at each scorer's table in case you need to get a hold of tourney staff during the games.

9.  Communication During the Tournament-We have set up an event through our Facebook page.  The link for the event is  Please click on the link and click that you are attending.  This will allow you to get communication updates during our tournament.  We don't anticipate any earth shattering updates but it's the most convenient way to disseminate information quickly across multiple sites if needed.