55+ Driver Improvement Program

Due to lack of enrollment the May 14th and 21st 55+ DIP has been CANCELLED.

The Driver Improvement Program (55+ DIP) is an approved Accident Prevention course by the MN Department of Public Safety. Participants who complete the course are eligible for a 10% discount on their personal automobile insurance premium. The 55+ DIP will give participants a better understanding of vehicle and traffic safety, new technology, physical changes and increased driving risks as we age, change to laws, and the decisions drivers can make to be safer on the roadways.

When: In order to receive the 10% automobile insurance discount, participants must first take the 8-hour course. A 4-hour refresher course can be taken eery three years to maintain the discount.

Class Dates:
May 14th: 8 Hour 55+ Driver Improvement Program Class - 8 am—4:30 pm (1/2 hr lunch)  
May 21st: 4 Hour 55+ Driver Improvement Program Refresher Class - 8 am—12 pm

Informational Flyer